Thursday, August 4, 2011

Call for Submissions: Specter Literary Magazine

Specter Literary Magazine publishes poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, with innate rhythm from a multi-cultural/multi-sexual perspective, expressing "the modern experience." We want work from all writers, but particularly from members of the so-called "Generations X,Y, Z, Millennials..." et al. Tell us a story; write us a poem; show us your world.

Please take a moment to read our Issue Zero to familiarize yourself with our journal. Specter Magazine publishes monthly and currently accepts submissions for future issues. Submissions must reflect a strong command of literary craft. Prior education and/or publication experience is not a determining factor for acceptance.

Beyond reading and adhering to our submission guidelines, our advice to writers is this: don’t bother worrying about the editors’ literary tastes. Submit your best, most polished work and we will give it a fair shake.

You may submit via our online submission manager.

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