Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Call for Submissions: SLOPE

Issue 47: Submission Info

SLOPE is currently requesting submissions for Issue 47—works loosely or strictly related to and investigating the intersection of film and poetry—either loosely or strictly, in the form of film and video, poetry, essays, interviews, hybrids, ( ), ( ), and ( ).

Think of Cocteau's Orpheus Trilogy. Cocteau as Poet. Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep. Marianne Moore. Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, NY. Kurosawa’s Dreams. Blake’s The Tyger. Guilherme Marcondes' The Tyger. William Carlos Williams. Rabbit Light Movies. Leger's Ballet Mecanique. Zukofsky. Elizabeth Willis' Turneresque. Bergman's Wild Strawberries. Linh Dinh's What's Showing?Anne Carson's TV Men. HD the film critic. HD the actress. HD the Imagist. Alain Resnais' Hiroshima Mon Amour. Frank O'Hara. FRANK O'HARA! Godard's Alphaville and Breathless. Stretch each connection to its most magnanimous.

Submission Period: 12/1/09 - 2/15/10
Send all submissions to:
slope.editors(at) (replace (at) with @)
with the words “Submission: Slope 47” in the subject line. Address all questions to the above email address,"Attn: 47 Editor."

Guest Editor: Amber Nelson

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