Saturday, April 22, 2017

Call for Audio Submissions of Lullabies: Flock: A Literary Journal

Call for Audio Submissions: Lullabies 

Flock: A Literary Journal

Flock literary journal is teaming up with EAT Audio Magazine to release a digital album of lullabies. We are looking for new lullabies, experimental lullabies, spoken word, percussion, etc – any audio project with a lullaby spirit. Traditional lullabies and revisions to traditional lullabies are also welcome, so long as the submitter shows that the original is in the public domain.

Artists should submit no more than 1 lullaby. Please include a document or cover letter containing any lyrics. For non-English language lyrics, please include words in the original language as well as translated into English. We will consider audio up to 7 minutes in length, though expect most accepted pieces will fall in the 3-4 minute range. Audio should be submitted in Mp3 format, and artists should have a WAV file on hand in case the submission is accepted.
The Editors at Flock

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