Saturday, May 21, 2016

Nonfiction Competition: Profane

Entry portal.

The prize is $1,000 and a blurb from the contest judge. It is $10 to enter, and you may submit 2 pieces in each entry, as long as they don't exceed 7,500 words cumulatively. The prize is open to submissions between April 1 and August 1. Finalists will be announced and considered for publication.

There is no theme. Send us your best flash, essays, journalism, or narratives that will spoon out some space in our guts and take up residence there. Tell us something filthy and unflinching; bellow something unapologetic in our face. Share something troubling at the dinner table. Send us your cat on the windowsill or some roadkill for dinner. We want it all.

Please keep your name off the document itself (aside from any references within the creative text), and keep your cover letter on Submittable and not within the document.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please notify us immediately (or withdraw) if it is accepted elsewhere. No need to withdraw if there are multiple pieces in the document, please just let us know which is unavailable. There are no refunds for withdrawals or edits. ​​

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