Friday, August 21, 2015

Call for Submissions: concis

concīs magazine—the first project from concīs publishing—is an online and e-pub journal devoted to brevity: the succinct, pithy, condensed, laconic, crisp, compressed and compendious. It’s simple in approach and simple in design…but not simple-minded.

Genre—if you believe in such labels—is unimportant: poems, prose poems, flash fictions, micro-essays, reviews in miniature, sudden fictions, haiku, tanka, American Sentences, insights, epigrams, the unclassifiable…they’re all good.

Brevity is subjective. We’ve read 8-line poems that are 7-lines too long and 30-line poems that flash and fire quicker than a haiku. 25 lines of poetry/300 words of prose or less—even significantly less—feels right, but that feeling’s not a rule. We do feel safe specifying a minimum length of one character, glyph, symbol or visual.

concīs pays $10 per piece for publication on the web site and as part of a seasonal collection/ebook/PDF (possibly in multiple e-reading formats). Upon acceptance, authors will be given an option to donate their payments to Room to Read (a 4-star charity promoting literacy and gender equality in education across Asia and Africa). Donations will be matched by concīs.

More about concīs, publication schedule and submissions here.

Still have questions? Let me know:  

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