Monday, April 28, 2014

Call for Essays on Mental Health: Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective Anthology

Attention, nonfiction writers! There are still three weeks left to submit your work for Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective's debut print anthology on mental health.

We are seeking original narrative essays from a variety of perspectives that touch on issues of illness, hospitalization, medication, stigma, self-awareness, recovery, friendship, family, and hope. We are looking for well-crafted nonfiction pieces with strong and compelling narratives that are both personal and informative. Each essay should contain rich prose, dialogue, and a distinctive voice. Creative nonfiction, personal essays, literary journalism, lyric essays, memoirs, and experimental forms will all be considered for publication.

This anthology is slated to release in both print and electronic formats in late 2014. The deadline to submit is May 15, 2014.

Visit our website for additional guidelines.

Submit directly here.

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