Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Writing Competition: The Stoneslide Corrective

The Stoneslide Corrective is sponsoring a contest that seeks the best stories available. Fiction, nonfiction, or even a poem with powerful narrative drive—we welcome and will read story, in any form.

First prize is $3,000 plus publication. Second and third prize winners garner $500 and $250, respectively, and a chance at publication. The contest opens on the first day of spring and closes the first day of summer. Winners will be announced on the first day of fall. Or, if you prefer, open: March 20; close: June 21; notification: September 23.

The entry fee is $10.

Nobody but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money, was how Samuel Johnson put it. We always agreed. Now we will make a few writers into non-blockheads.

Only previously unpublished work is eligible. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but must be indicated as such, and if the piece is accepted elsewhere you must immediately withdraw it from the competition.

There will also be four additional prizes of $100 each for:
-striking use of wit
-beguiling character
-description that makes us think we were really there
-propulsive plot line and/or scene

Full contest guidelines are available here.

General submission guidelines are available here. The Stoneslide Corrective pays $250 for work over 1,000 words, and $100 for work under 1,000 words.

Pieces appearing in The Stoneslide Corrective include:

• fiction about a boy betrayed by both his girlfriend and his father, “Stripped,” by Mark Wisniewski, author most recently of Show Up, Look Good
• fiction about a man whose obsession leads him into a trap of his own devising, "Warning Light," by James Esch
• fiction about a modern day Ancient Mariner who washes up in Manhattan, “Mona’s Coming,” by Lynn Stegner, author most recently of Because a Fire Was in My Head

The Stoneslide Corrective publishes fiction. It also publishes nonfiction with strong narrative, along with satire and humor. Fresh content appears every Monday. The Stoneslide Corrective is a division of Stoneslide Media, which also publishes Stoneslide Books.

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