Monday, June 10, 2013

Seeking Development Writer: University of Chicago

Development Writer: Write all gift acknowledgment letters signed by chair of the Board of Trustees, president of the University, chair of the capital campaign, and vice president for Alumni Relations and Development. Collaborate with team, University relationship managers, and other staff to draft individualized thank-you letters to donors. Draft congratulatory greetings, condolence letters, and other special fundraising communications from the president and vice president of Alumni Relations and Development. Work with appropriate offices to obtain signatures.

Develop and maintain cordial relationships with University leadership and colleagues. Advise on presidential style to others wishing to draft letters for the president's signature.

Use all available tools, including the Internet and the University's Donor Relationship Management System (Griffin), to research programs, faculty, and students who benefit from specific gifts. Help test and conduct work in the new Donor Acknowledgment System, an office-wide database for the tracking and writing of acknowledgments. Maintain and update the presidential style manual. Keep organized files on acknowledgments and other writing projects. Upload special correspondence and proposals to Griffin. 

Assist in editing or writing proposals, case statements, and other fundraising communications to prospective donors of principal gifts ($5 million and up). May oversee the work of a part-time student intern.

Seek opportunities for professional development that will enhance job performance. Perform other duties as assigned.

This is an entry level position.

Currently this role is located at 401 N Michigan Ave. The role is expected to move to Harper Court at 53rd Street and South Lake Park in January 2014. 

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