Friday, April 19, 2013

Charitable Auction for Boston Marathon Victims: Pubs for the Hub

Pubs for the Hub aims to gather financial resources for those who were affected by the tragic events that took place at this year’s Boston Marathon, on April 15, 2013. In bringing together individuals from the publishing community, we hope to raise the funds needed through offering publishing-related items and services.
We are gathering items for an online auction provided by publishing professionals all over Boston and beyond. Items for bidding, among others, include
·         Editorial services (copyediting, line editing, developmental editing, etc.)
·         Printed books and ebooks (if a physical book, must be in good condition)
·         Consultations
·         Design work (covers, interior layout, etc.)
·         Illustration work
·         eBook conversions and development
·         Writing critiques and reviews
·         Homemade gifts
Proceeds of the auction will go directly to The One Fund, an initiative recently announced by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Bidders who win an auctioned item will donate their bid amount to The One Fund. Once proof of said donation is provided, Pubs for the Hub will connect winners to individuals to exchange won items.
To offer your item or service, please visit this site and fill out the form. Someone will contact you soon after to coordinate your donation.
The auction will take place over a span of two weeks: the first sets of items will be offered from April 22–27. The second set of items will be auctioned from April 29–May 4. To view the auction and its details, please go here.
Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.
For more information about this fundraiser, please contact Iris Febres at:
iris.febresATgmailDOTcom (Change AT to @ and DOT to . )

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