Thursday, November 15, 2012

Call for Fiction: Fiddleblack

The theme of Fiddleblack #6 is about serial killers. It's a dark subject that's not exclusively antipastoral, we know. But it's a subject capable of keeping one leg in that arena, with another tied to our concept horror, and the whole of it based heavily on a study of self. Serial killers are selves in the dictionary sense of the word—there is only a quiet introspection inside a body that talks in rage, and we're happy to catalog such fictional accounts.

An official announcement for Fiddleblack #6 may be found on our blog, here.
In addition, you may consider this a second announcement that we're semi-formally switching to a monthly schedule. Themed issues will continue, as well as writers' showcases where a single author's work is given in cross-section. 3AM Press editor and Harper Perennial author Christiana Spens is our first subject. Afterward, you may see some Fiddleblack regulars in showcase.
We're on the sharp cusp of releasing our first annual, Apparitional Experience. The book will be available through our website, and we're releasing a small product line around the same time.
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