Thursday, July 5, 2012

Call for Submissions: H.O. D.

With its 7th Issue just published H.O.D. (A Handful Of Dust) announces it is currently accepting submissions of UNPUBLISHED writing for Issue Issue #8 (10/31/2012) and Issue #9 (02/14/2012). H.O.D. is mainly looking for UNPUBLISHED grit-lit poetry and short-short-short fiction/prose poetry (200 words--1-2 paragraphs preferred) submitted in the body of an e-mail.

Cut off date for #8 will be October 10th or so, but all submissions will be considered for either issue. While the dates of the next issues (Halloween and Valentine's Day) may suggest themes, H.O.D. will consider any subject and style, even poems about the first time you kissed a gal named Goldie on a pile of melting fun-size snickers as the constant doorbell and whines of spoiled children provided the soundtrack to your apocalyptic bliss.

H.O.D. asks that you send 3-5 UNPUBLISHED poems in the body of an e-mail to:

 h.o.d.submissions(at) no attachments.

No Attachments. NO ATTACHMENTS. They will go unread. I make sure each poem is accurate when it goes to publish.

H.O.D. is also seeking artwork for future issues. Black & White photography preferred. Gritty subject matter a plus. PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED OKAY, just let me know who and when. Submit 3 pieces to:

Low-res .jpeg Attachments preferred. If interested, H.O.D. will request higher-res copies.

No written attachments. They will go unread. (It's why computer geeks gave us the gospels of Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V (Preferably In That Order).)

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