Sunday, June 24, 2012

Science Fiction Competition: Thread Fantasy & Science Fiction

Thread Fantasy & Science Fiction Short Story Contest

This contest is to honor Ray Bradbury, one of America’s great writers, who died on June 6, 2012 at the age of 91. We’re seeking fantasy and sociological science fiction short stories to create an anthology in his honor. Bradbury knew the conventions of science fiction, but rather than focusing on the hard science, his stories dealt with the human reaction to science or the effect of science on the human race. As Bradbury himself said regarding the blurred line between SF and Fantasy, “Science fiction is the art of the possible, not the art of the impossible. As soon as you deal with things that can’t happen, you are writing fantasy.” We want stories in which science or magic plays a role but is not the main ingredient. The focus should be on the effect of science or magic on the characters or their reaction to it. With that in mind, send us your best.

Contest Rules

No reading fee or entry fee for this inaugural contest
Entry deadline, 31 July 2012

Previously unpublished fantasy or sociological SF only
1500 to 15,000 words
Email submission as an attachment to:

 contest(at) (replace (at) with @ in sending email)

Enter as many stories as you like, one story per email
Name and email address must appear in upper left corner of the first page of the story

Prizes — All winning entries will be included in the StoneThread anthology. Winners will receive a free copy of the anthology, plus

First Place:
Second through Sixth:
Honorable Mentions:


The Fine Print: Before publication, winning authors will be asked to assign electronic rights to StoneThread Publishing for a period of one year. During that time the author agrees not to submit the story for electronic publication elsewhere or otherwise cause it to be published in any other electronic media. Authors will receive no further compensation beyond publication and the prizes listed above.

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