Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fiction Competition: Elephant Talk Indie Music Magazine

Elephant Talk to Hold Writing Contest

Elephant Talk Indie Music Magazine will hold its first short fiction writing competition starting in January of 2012. We are looking for the best stories under 10,000 words in which music plays a role—whether it be a character that is a musician, a scene at a venue, a dialogue at a music shop, a trip to a record store, or anything else music related.

Submissions will be accepted from Jan 1 until March 31. Multiple submissions will be accepted. Simultaneous submissions will not.

Pieces will be judged by Elephant Talk founder Jerry Ryan, editor John Arthur, and contributing writer Cris G.S. The winning piece will be announced in April. For information about the judges, see their bios at the bottom of this page.

The winning story will be published on Elephant Talk’s blog and the winning writer will win a prize package that includes a lifetime pass to all Elephant Talk events, Elephant Talk posters, and CDs and records by bands that have performed at an Elephant Talk event.


All submissions must be emailed to:

elephanttalksubmissions(at)gmail(dot)com (Please change (at) to @ and (dot) to .)

Please write SUBMISSION in the subject field of your email, followed by the title of your story in quotes. Include the story in the body of the email as well as in a PDF, word file, or RTF attachment. Include brief biographical information at the top of the email. Stories that have previously been published will not be considered.


Jerry Ryan founded Elephant Talk Indie Music Magazine in 2009 and has organized an annual music festival in Atlantic City for the past two years, as well as other Elephant Talk sponsored events around New Jersey. The Elephant Talk blog was launched in late 2011, and plans for print editions of Elephant Talk magazine are in the works.

John Arthur works as a news editor and freelance journalist. He also edits Elephant Talk’s blog, plays in a band called The Deafening Colors, and writes fiction in his spare time. His short stories have appeared in Corium Magazine and Rewrites Literary Magazine.

Cris G.S. plays guitar in the band The Deafening Colors and is a writing and English teacher at an undisclosed high school somewhere in New Jersey. His band has released two EPs, and will release its first full-length, “Upstairs,” in 2012.

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