Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poetry Competition: The Laureate Prize for Poetry, The National Poetry Review

Each year The Laureate Prize for Poetry will honor one new poem that TNPR believes has the greatest chance, of those entered, of standing the test of time and becoming part of an ever-evolving literary canon. (Please, remember we are talking about the future, not about trying to replicate the past.)

We prefer electronic entries! To enter online, follow these instructions carefully:

Go to Choose SEND MONEY. Choose PERSONAL. Choose OTHER.
Send $15 per group of 3 poems to:

editor(at) (replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail)

Then email your entry with your name in the subject line and a copy of your PayPal receipt in the body of the email.

To enter, submit up to three of your best unpublished, uncommitted (not promised for first publication elsewhere) poems (10 page total maximum per group of three) (no SASEs, please; check website for winner), contact information, a brief bio, and a $15 fee for each set of up to three poems entered.

Fee: $15.00. * Postmark deadline: 9/30/11.

If you must enter by postal mail:

and send to:

The National Poetry Review, Post Office Box 2080, Aptos, California 95001-2080

The winner will receive $500 plus possible publication in The National Poetry Review.
Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but if the work is selected by TNPR for the prize or for publication, it must be withdrawn from elsewhere unless you have withdrawn it from us two weeks before our acceptance. Multiple submissions are acceptable with a reading fee for each group of three poems. Page limit per group: 10

Please note that close friends, relatives, and students of the judge or the editor are not eligible for the prize. The judge will be asked to send back to TNPR's editor any poem that s/he recognizes; should this happen, the entrant's fee will be refunded.

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