Sunday, July 3, 2011

Call for fiction and nonfiction: The Samuel Literary Messenger

The Samuel Literary Messenger will contain short stories, essays, or excerpts from longer works, split roughly half and half between fiction and nonfiction. There'll be a small run of hand-made copies of each issue and a .pdf or ebook for sale online, priced only to recoup costs. The pieces will also be rolled out on our website one per week after publication of the physical copies. Issues won't be on any regular schedule, but instead be released based on strength of submissions and how long it takes to produce the books.

Contributors will be paid $50 per published piece and receive a physical copy of the issue in which it appears. Previously unpublished work only. Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as we're notified of any being accepted elsewhere.

If you'd like to submit one or more pieces, email them to:

(replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail)

Include a short bio with an introduction/cover letter, and please state whether each piece is fiction or nonfiction.

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