Monday, October 4, 2010

Call for Submissions and Contest: Cutbank Literary Magazine

Now in its 37th year, CutBank Literary Magazine is once again looking for great work to publish in issues 74 and 75. From October 1 through February 15, we're welcoming original, unpublished works of poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction from established and upcoming writers alike. Over the years, we've been privileged to feature work by Wendell Berry, William Kittredge, Louise Erdrich, Aimee Bender,Richard Hugo, Seamus Heaney, Chris Offutt, Virgil Suarez, Steve Almond, and many others. As editors, we're looking first and foremost for excellent writing. We love to read, and are always looking for work that startles us, engaging us emotionally and challenging us intellectually - and we work hard to cull the majority of content for our issues from unsolicited submissions. We're always excited to feature new writers!

Furthermore, we’re happy to announce that we’re now accepting online submissions! Beginning this fall, all submissions will be handled by Submishmash, a great online system that will simplify the submitting process for writers and streamline our editorial work. Go to for more information. We look forward to reading your work!

In an effort to keep our online content fresh, promote some of the less-traditional genres that we love, and reward some of the many deserving writers out there, we've also revamped the structure of our online contests for 2010/2011. We're now offering two awards, beginning October 1 with the
Big Fish Online Contest: Flash Fiction and Prose Poetry

(deadline November 1). A prize of $200 and online publication will be given for the best piece of writing under 500 words that we receive. Flash fiction, short-shorts, micro-prose, prose poems, poetic prose, just plain short stories--whatever you call your briefest prose pieces, send them our way! It's only $9 to enter, and all submissions will be considered for the print journal.

For more information and to learn more about our other exciting ventures this year, visit Thank you! We’re looking forward to another year of tremendous literature, and two new, beautiful issues.

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