Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Call for Submissions: Main Street Magazine

Main Street Magazine
We believe that everyone deserves their moment to shine--talent should not be valued--nor judged by the agency you have, the publishers name or record deal- if you have an interesting story- if you have accomplished something great that you want to share with the world- if you are an independent artist- from music to books, poetry to chef, then MSM is where you want to be!

For An Interview

If you, or someone you know would like to be interviewed for an upcoming issue of Main Street Magazine (MSM), please send your media kit to editor [@ ] mainstreetmagazine dot net
The media kit should include:
Your contact information
The subject matter
Photos if apply
Current Press releases if you have any
What feature it fits. Example: Chef of Merit, Main Street Music Scene, A Novel Idea, Sweet Nothings etc.

Submission for Review:

Main Street Magazine (MSM) would be more than happy to review your book, either eBook, hard copy or pdf copy/ a music wave file or cd. We strive to remain fair and honest. Not everyone gets a rave review, but we always look for the best in everything.

Please observe these few guide lines when submitting items for review:
If submitting via email, submit as an attachment NOT in the body of the email.
Main Street Magazine (MSM) is not responsible for lost or damaged items sent either by email or via regular postal services.
A submission does not guarantee you a review.
No submission will be accepted if complete contact information was not added.

MUSIC REVIEWS: Main Street Music Scene
Email: music {@}

Mailing Address:
Main Street Magazine
Attention: Main Street Music Scene
222-2186 Mountain Grove
Burlington, ON L7P 4X4

Email: books {@}

Mailing Address:
Main Street Magazine
Attention: A Novel Idea
222-2186 Mountain Grove
Burlington, ON L7P 4X4

If you would like to send us a photo for any of the following articles (contests}
Pet Place
Monthly Photo Contest
Creative Cuties
Email your photo with the title of the article in the subject line to

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