Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Call for Submissions: Cerise Press

CERISE PRESS CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS FOR ISSUES 5 and 6 (Fall/Winter 2010 and Spring 2011)

Cerise Press is open to submissions in photography, art, fiction and poetry, including translations in French, Chinese, and Spanish. (For other languages, kindly inquire first.) We publish 3 issues per year.

Submissions are read year-round. All work accepted will be considered for our future print anthologies. We accept unpublished pieces, and on very rare occasions, previously published ones. We read and consider each submission with care and integrity. Although it may take up to 2-3 months for us to reach an editorial decision, we’ll do our best to respond promptly to submissions and to general correspondence. After 3 months, please feel free to query.

Include a cover letter with a brief biographical note, listing any recent publications you may want to mention, your name and contact information.
Submit 3-5 poems as a .doc or .pdf.
Submit 1 story (1-15 pages) as a .doc or .pdf
Submit 4-6 photographs and/or 2-5 works of art as .jpegs.

Please indicate any additional links/gallery websites for our reference.
Translations should be accompanied with the original texts, brief biographical notes for the author(s) and the translator(s), and a statement of the author’s or literary agent’s permission and approval.

E-mail submissions to submissions(at)cerisepress.com (replace (at) with @). Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please notify us immediately at editors(at)cerisepress.com (replace (at) with @) upon acceptance elsewhere. Please do not send another submission until we have responded to the first one.

Currently, we publish only solicited essays. If you are interested in submitting essays, interviews, or in proposing other projects, write to us at editors(at)cerisepress.com
(replace (at) with @).

If you are interested in reviewing or sending a book, please visit our Books for Review page.

We look forward to reading your work!
Editors, editors(at)cerisepress.com (replace (at) with @)

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