Thursday, February 26, 2009

Call for CNF Submissions: New Delta Review

New Delta Review

Call for Submissions:

Deltafications – Our special section for the Summer 2009 issue (vol. 26 no. 2) is a creative non-fiction section entitled, Deltafications.

Our theme is Deltafications: Forces Meeting, Colliding

Please send us your non-fiction on the theme of deltas and deltafications. We are interested in work that explores the space and moment at which two forces meet. We are looking for a variety of deltafications, including but not limited to the geographical sort. Topics include: the more or less triangular tract of alluvial land formed at the mouth of a river, and enclosed or traversed by its diverging branches; any triangular space or figure; the constellation of the Triangle. Pythagorean theory, bottle necks, weddings, special interests groups collaborating, train tracks, freeways, social clicks uniting, power plays, love triangles, and things that shouldn't come together but do: raisins and chicken salad.

Both short (3,000) and medium length (6,000) are welcomed.


If submitting from the U.S., please send your manuscripts to:

New Delta Review
Department of English
15 Allen Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5001

Attn: Jennifer Tamayo and Alison Barker, Non-Fiction Editors (DELTAFICATION)

If submitting internationally, you may e-mail your submission as a PDF or MS Word attachment to: NewDeltaReview.NonFiction(at)
(replace (at) with @)

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