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Call for Philosophical Submissions on Theme of "Love": Book XI


Recent cover image or website screenshot for Book XI: A Journal of Literary Philosophy

Book XI is a journal of literary philosophy, combining creative writing and philosophical reflection. We are looking to publish creative and literary work that draws on, addresses, or illuminates broadly philosophical themes.

We will consider only previously unpublished and philosophically informed creative work (though our understanding of “philosophically informed” is capacious). Please submit only one prose manuscript or up to five poems for each issue. Please submit poems in one document. All submissions should be made through Submittable. There is no submission fee.

We pay $200 for each piece that we publish (or $50 for each poem we publish).

We are generally looking for pieces that are between 2,000 and 7,000 words, though we will happily consider submissions that are shorter or longer than this. However, please do not submit any work that is more than 10,000 words.

We realize that you might also want to submit the same manuscript to other literary journals. If you do, please include a note to that effect in the cover letter you include with your submission and notify us immediately if the piece(s) you sent to us is(are) accepted for publication by another magazine or journal.

Please direct all inquires about the journal to:

We are currently looking for submissions for our 14th edition on the theme of love. Submit now!
Submit here.

Call for Submissions: The Evergreen Review


Recent cover image or website screenshot for Evergreen Review

Since its inception in 1957, The Evergreen Review has sought out writers and artists who embrace experimentation and tell stories that aren’t often heard in mainstream spaces. Evergreen now welcomes general submissions of original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and video art—and we’re especially excited by works which blur the lines between multiple genres and forms. 

We pay essayists, short story writers, poets, and videographers a minimum of $250. We will also consider excerpts from forthcoming books, as long as they haven't been published elsewhere. Read our current issue to get a sense of what we like.

Because we are a volunteer editorial staff, it may take us several months to get back to you. We ask that you please do not submit additional work if you're still awaiting our decision on a submission currently in the queue.

For poetry: send 5–10 of your best unpublished poems directly to Jee Leong Koh at:

 —no fee is required for poetry submissions.

Our $5.00 submission fee helps cover contributor payments and general operating expenses. If you are unable to afford it, you may choose not to pay the fee upon submission. This option is meant to support writers facing severe financial hardship, so please only opt to waive the fee if it is absolutely necessary.

For questions about our submission process, contact:

Writing Competition: Changing Light Prize for Novel-in-Verse

Livingston Press announces its new annual Changing Light Prize for a Novel-in-Verse!

Recommended length: 90-160 pages.

$500 prize plus 20 copies, standard royalty contract. Publication in trade paper, e-book, and Kindle.

There is no entry fee.

Submission deadline: May 25.

Send Word attachment including contact information, brief bio, and letter to: 

(Please list Novel-in-Verse on your subject line.)

Previous similar titles from Livingston:

An Art, A Craft, A Mystery – Laura Secord

Don Quickshot – William Van Wert

Forthcoming title: Near Where the Blood Pools – Ben Terry

Call for Submissions: Third Street Review

Third Street Review

Literally On the Edge

Located on the Pacific Ocean in the artists’ colony of Laguna Beach, California, Third Street Review lives on the edge, both literally and figuratively. California has always been synonymous with exploration and innovation and, in creative expression, with boundary expansion and the dynamic re-invention of artistic forms. Third Street Review is no different. Share your best writing and visual art. We welcome traditional formats as well as pieces that push boundaries, embrace experimentation, and reflect artistic excellence.

For fiction and nonfiction/creative nonfiction, we are looking for work under 1000 words. If you wish to submit micros, please do so in one document, with each piece of writing on a separate page, and make sure the total word count does not exceed 1000 words.

For poetry, you may send up to 3 poems in one document; make sure each one is on a separate page.

For art and photography, please send 1 image in one document. Please upload the highest resolution that you have available.

FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS: Please make sure that neither your name nor any other identification is on the document you submit or in the title of your submission. All work must be original and previously unpublished. This includes personal blogs or other social media platforms. Simultaneous submissions are fine – just let us know if your work gets accepted elsewhere.

If the category you are looking for is not on the list, it means we have met our submission cap.

We pay $25 (via PayPal) if your work is accepted.

Online Rights: If we publish your work, we require exclusive electronic rights to it for 3 months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely so we can include it in our online archives.

Print Rights: We require non-exclusive print rights for potential annual anthologies and promotional materials.

All other rights remain yours.

Deadlines: March 1-9, 2024 (Check specific listings in Submittable.) 

Submission link here.

Call for Submissions: The Lascaux Review

The Lascaux Review publishes accessible fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction of literary quality. Book excerpts are welcome.

Writing of literary quality venerates the language and speaks to the human condition. We make no effort to define these terms—we know it when we see it. Accessible literature is poetry and prose that can be understood and appreciated without annotation.

Fiction and other prose may be any length, but efficient writing is favored. Please use Times New Roman 12 point and double space your prose manuscripts.

Poetry should be formatted conventionally, without “sculptural” elements that can’t be detected by an audience during a public reading. We understand there is call for experiments in form and content, but they’re not for us. Submit as many as five poems at a time; patch them into one document.

Creative nonfiction may include memoirs, chronicles, personal essays, humorous perspectives, literary journalism—anything the author has learned, experienced, or discovered. Creative nonfiction should be written in a nonacademic style.

Wait until you have heard back from one submission before sending another. We consider previously published material and we assume all submissions are simultaneous. Artists wishing to show us their work should email a link to their online gallery to:

lascauxreview at gmail dot com (Remove extra spaces and change at to @ and dot to . )

Submissions are read year round. Accepted pieces are published on a rolling basis.

Payment varies.

Because editors are dispersed geographically the review is unable to accept submissions via postal mail. The review accepts work for nonexclusive appearance and archiving on its website. Authors retain all rights to their work at all times. FAQ for the paranoid may be found here. If you don’t know how to submit to a literary journal, go here. The following link will take you to our online submission form at Submittable.

Writing Competition: The Hazel Rowley Prize for First-Time Biographers

$5,000 Prize for Best Proposal from a First-time Biographer

The Hazel Rowley Prize rewards a first-time biographer with: funding (the $5,000 award); a careful reading from an established agent; a year’s membership in BIO (along with registration to the annual Biographers International [BIO] conference); and publicity for the author and project through the BIO website, The Biographer’s Craft newsletter, etc. The prize is a way for BIO—an organization of biographers, agents, editors, and biography devotees—to advance its mission and extend its reach to talented new practitioners.


The prize is open to all first-time biographers anywhere in the world who are writing in English, who are working on a biography that has not been commissioned, contracted, or self-published, and who have never published a book-length biography, autobiography, history, or work of narrative nonfiction. Biography as defined for this prize is a narrative of an individual’s life or the story of a group of lives. Innovative ways of treating a life (or lives) will be considered at the committee’s discretion. Memoirs, however, are not eligible.

Applicants should:

Complete the on-line entry form. (Please note that the form can be tricky. When filling out one’s address, for example, “city” and “state” go in the boxes above the words, not below.)

Upload a proposal, writing sample, and resume in one document totaling no more than 20 pages. The proposal and writing sample should be double-spaced, with 12-point type and standard margins. The proposal should include a synopsis, a proposed table of contents, and notes on the market and competing literature. The document must be a PDF. Please include your name as part of the file name of the PDF that you submit.

Sign the online entry form by checking the box affirming your understanding of the rules and procedures.

Submit $25 for the application fee using a major credit card or by check. Payment instructions are on the entry form.

You will receive an acknowledgment of your entry within several days. If you do not, please contact Michael Gately.

Terms and Conditions

The deadline for entries is March 1, 2024. Application forms will be available after September 1, 2023. Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged by email. Thereafter, only applicants on the final shortlist for the prize will be contacted. Formal announcement of the winner will be made at the annual conference.

In submitting this prize entry form, you agree to all the terms and conditions of the BIO Hazel Rowley Prize. You affirm that the proposal you are submitting is not (and will not be) under consideration by any publisher until after the winner has been announced in May 2024. Only one entry per applicant. In submitting this entry form, you affirm that you are the sole author (or, if co-authored, authors) of the proposal. You also affirm that in the event of winning the prize, you will make your best effort to market your proposal for publication as a book and that you will acknowledge BIO’s support in any publications that result from the Rowley Prize. BIO also requires that you submit a brief paragraph reporting on your progress within a year after receiving the Prize. All decisions by the judges are final.


Does memoir qualify?
No, it does not.

Do I have to be a member of BIO when I apply?
You do not have to be a member when you apply, but we would be pleased if you joined.

Am I eligible if I write young adult biographies?

Am I eligible if I am represented by an agent or if my proposal is under consideration for publication?
No, the purpose of the award is to aid exceptional first-time biographers in securing representation and publication.

Am I eligible for more than one BIO fellowship in a given year?

Will I receive feedback on my submission?
Due to the number of submissions we receive, we are unable to provide written or verbal feedback on applications.

For further questions, contact Michael Gately

Call for Submissions: FICTION

We publish literary and experimental fiction and translations of works previously unpublished in English. We favor stories of under 7,500 words. Although FICTION publishes a variety of stories, please understand that we do not accept unsolicited artwork, graphic stories, novel excerpts, or interviews.

We do NOT accept the following:Short fiction under 1,000 wordsLong fiction over 20,000 words or full-length novelsGenre fiction such as science fiction, romance, erotica, detective fiction, or young adult fictionNon-prose fiction such as plays, poetry, non-fiction, or hybrid work that is a heavy mix of any of these elements

How to Submit

We regret that we cannot accept unsolicited submissions directly by email or postal service.

To submit electronically please read the guidelines below.

Our reading period runs from October 15 through April 15

You can upload your piece on our Submissions Manager:

We accept .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .txt

Under “comments” please include publications with major literary magazines or presses, literary awards, or past contributions to FICTION

🙟Can I submit more than one story at a time?
Please only submit one story at a time. Our Submissions Manager will prevent you from submitting a second story until after the first has been responded to by our staff. Do not include multiple stories in the same document when uploading to our Submissions Manager. Any submissions that we receive which exceed these limitations will regretfully be declined.

🙟Can I submit a story to FICTION and another magazine at the same time?
Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. However, if your piece has been accepted elsewhere, we ask that you immediately withdraw it using our Submissions Manager. Failure to withdraw your piece only causes an increase in our response time.

🙟When will I hear back about my submission?
As you might imagine FICTION is comprised of a small staff of dedicated readers and we therefore operate on a rolling submission basis. While we try our best to respond within 3-6 months, please be aware that response times may vary as we do not maintain office hours in January or during summer months. Your patience is appreciated.

🙟Do you pay your contributors?
Due to our funding changing from year to year, the amount of payment is determined upon publication. Published authors receive two contributor copies and a two issue subscription.

FICTION | City College of New York | Convent Ave. @ 138th St. | New York, NY 10031

Since its inception, FICTION has aimed to bring the experimental to a broader audience, and to bring new voices to the forefront, publishing emerging authors alongside well known and established writers.

Find out more about getting published in FICTION at our Submissions page.