Saturday, December 16, 2023

Call for Submissions to Anthology on Theme of: "Halfs, Steps, In-Laws & Belonging": Wising Up Press

 Out of Line—Who Defines? Halfs, Steps, In-Laws & Belonging

A Wising Up Anthology

Families! We all have them. But which is the "real' one if there are—and there always are—several definitions of family to choose from? Obviously, it's the one that assures us of our full inclusion. But it's not that straightforward. We choose a partner, become core to an origin story, and, at the same time immediately became in-laws, fringe players in someone else's story. This is even more true with half and step attributions, for both parents and children. What is the impact of being defined as "half" or "step" to your own sense of loyalty, responsibility, affection, belonging? To your understanding of family? What is the effect of defining someone else that way in terms of their sense of sense of centrality, stability? Are these attributions useful, accurate, or even relevant when 50% of American families are remarried or recoupled? Is there any way to avoid them?

We invite stories, creative non-fiction, memoir and poetry that explore the intricacies of the in-law, half, and step-conditions from every position—parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents, uncles, aunts—and what it means for those many of us who oscillate between these conditions, often in more than one family constellation.

Deadline: 3/15/24


Print and Web

We make final editorial submissions on all submitted manuscripts only after the submission deadline.
Electronic submissions only, either Word or RTF.
Prose ≤ 5,000 words. Poetry ≤ 5 poems.
Payment in copies
Submit manuscripts electronically
  • We consider dual submissions and previously published work only if informed of this at time of submission.
  • Previously published work must be accompanied with a list of where and when it has been previously published, including on the internet.
  • We do not pay reprint fees. It is the author's responsibility to get needed permissions.
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